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Explore Eastbourne's past, present and future

SEE ORIGINAL TOWN PLANS for the development of a brand new Victorian seaside resort designed by architect Henry Currey for landowner the seventh Duke of Devonshire. On display are examples of elegant decorative architectural features including ironwork, terracotta and stoneware. There are scale models of the town's landmarks: the elegant Victorian Railway Station, Henry Currey's Winter Garden often described as a 'miniature Crystal Palace', the 1930s Bandstand with its glorious turquoise tiled roof and the first proposed design for the new Sovereign Harbour. 

Displays include a delightful scale model of Eastbourne's Bandstand, the area east of the Pier where the fishing and working communities once lived, and Eastbourne artist James Owen's early C20th range of local watercolour views reproduced as postcards. And more...


150 years of Eastbourne Pier

TO CELEBRATE THE 150TH ANNIVERSARY in 2016 of the pier. Photographs and artefacts are on display together with the original drawn plan of the first Eastbourne Pier “a promenade for walking over the water” designed by renowned pier architect Eugenius Birch, the plan is dated 1865 and is on special loan to the Eastbourne Heritage Centre for this exhibition.

On now until Easter 2017 

Eastbourne Streetscapes Through Time

- a selling exhibition by Paul Jordan

MANY PHOTOGRAPHS AND ENGRAVINGS exist to record Eastbourne’s town centre architecture from Victorian days to the present time. Artist Paul Jordan has made reference to these to produce new artworks documenting the changing face of familiar streetscapes. At each of the locations Paul’s watercolour and ink illustrations compare the same buildings from different eras, leading the viewer to see how much rebuilding or remodelling has taken place and how many of today’s shops were originally built as private residences. Original artworks are be for sale. Prints available in the shop.